How to build your own affiliate company in months!

How to build your own affiliate company in months!

After a big change from being an ‘opportunity driven’ to a ‘digital product’ driven company, FourPercent has released a new version of the FourPercent Challenge which looks very sophisticated. But will it deliver on it’s promise? This is my opinion about the new setup.

The 4Pct Challenge has changed from a ‘one size fits all’ program to a specific Affiliate Entrepreneur building program. To put it to the test I entered the FourPercent Challenge myself to experience the merits of this ‘Earn as you Learn’ program. The online Mentor is Vick Strizheus and I am a kind of apprentice in learning how to build an Affiliate Business. My expectation? To earn at least $10,000 in sales after finishing Level 1. But how long will it take me?

Good Mission fit

Affiliate EntrepreneurIt is the mission of to find the best Online Earning Programs and Methods, so in this context the 4Pct Challenge fully falls within the scope of the mission.


In november 2018 version 3 of the FourPercent Challenge has opened and many significant improvements have been made. The course has a much faster pace whilst still being careful that newcomers don’t get lost. The user-friendly step-by-step approach has been refined and makes it easier for people to follow the bite-sized actions.

The founder of FourPercent, Vick Strizheus, has put this course together. He has created a whole affiliate ecosystem which can be used by the participants of the 4Pct Challenge.

For whom is it?

The 4Pct Challenge is especially for Entrepreneurs who want to become an Online Affiliate Entrepreneur, selling other people products.

Personally I operate successfully as a Consultancy in Online Branding and Business Development, but I realised that in order to be successful in Affiliate Entrepreneurship, you need to have a different approach and mindset. Helping Consultants to become a Brand is a low volume traffic business with totally other rules.

A unique instructor and mentor.

The online trainer and coach of the FourPercent Challenge is Vick Strizheus, with over 14 years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and Online Entrepreneurship. He has his own struggle story and wants to build a platform that can help all Online Entrepreneurs. What makes him unique is that he has built an Affiliate Business Platform with Multiple Sources of Income and when you are in the Challenge you can make full use of his environment.
That saves you at least hour and hours of building your own funnels and Multiple sources. This alone gives you a headstart in building up your business.

Affiliate Entrepreneur
You get addicted!

Since I started to follow the Challenge myself, I realise how different the business rules are in the Affiliate world. Having a mentor online like Vick really helps. What he does especially well is to deliver bite-sized mindset and  business skills in his daily training video’s. You realise how exceptionally good he is when you personally get upset if by mistake you have to wait an extra day for the next day. Getting his training and mentoring has become addictive.

Getting things right

As with any business you need to focus on 5 things:

1 – The right products for your niche
2 – The right structure of your business
3 – The right Traffic
4 – Your Conversions
5 – Excellent delivery

FourPercent delivers on all these point and makes sure your Affiliate Business is getting this right also.

Mindset change

After about 2 weeks into level 1 of the Challenge, you realise that your business mindset has already changed. You know what to do and how to realise your goals.

Because Vick Strizheus shows you over his shoulder, how things work and what nitty gritty things you have to do, and you are literally building an online sales machine for yourself! You see your Affiliate Business appear before your very own eyes!

Getting results

I am getting more and more excited as I see how the first goal of attaining my first $10.000 can be achieved! Once you reach this level the regular monthly income can be around $6,000. You can use part of this money to accelerate the growth of your business.

My conclusion: this is the best ‘Earn as you Learn’ program so far! I recommend that you try it.

Not for everybody

A word of caution though. You need to spend time each day (2-3 hours) in order to keep up and you need to invest money in software tools and training. You have to be very dedicated. But by the end of the first 30 days you should be earning that or close to earning that provided you have closely followed the steps of the program.

Of course you can follow it at a slower pace but it will take longer to reach the goal of $10,000. You can always revisit the modules.

Investment needed

Another word of caution: many would be affiliate entrepreneurs expect these type of program to be for almost free. Investment is needed as in any business. The investment needed depends upon the speed at which you want to progress. You need to invest in the program course itself and tools to do your business. That is between $1,600 and $2,500 depending on the options you choose. Also, you need a budget for advertising of about $300-$1000 per month.

Money in the bank

A third word of caution. You will start seeing sales by the end of Level 1 if you follow the method as prescribed. It takes time for your traffic activities to become effective. Your earnings are then held for a month in case there is a request for a refund. So it will take a month extra between the sale and actually seeing money in your account.

Once you receive the money don’t forget to put half away for paying tax purposes. Better be safe than sorry!

Try it out

Check it out for yourself by clicking on the button. I do get a small commission should you join the program using my link, and in exchange I would be more than willing to help you get along faster through the program. If you should decide within 30 days that is not the program for you then you can get a refund. Personally, I am thoroughly enjoying myself by going through the program and I hope you will have this experience too!

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