It builds up your list, relationships and ability to sell without selling

Mindful Power Branding is the Key to your Basic Income Online

What makes Benno Pieters special is that he has over 35 years experience in Branding new products in new markets. Since 2009 he has applied that knowledge to the online world and found a strategy and method that works for almost any business.

To build your brand you must know who you are and for whom you want to work or serve. Once you know that you create products and services that assist in solving your potential customer’s problems. Or you place products or services of others in front your potential customers. Think about the image and impression you will leave behind on your customers when you assist them to solve their problems.

“It is the benefit that your customers will get, that you need to embrace in order to become a Mindful Brand”.

The next step is to create a communication stream about your solution and what your customers will feel as an effect in doing business with you. Voice the questions that they worry about. Tell stories about what your solution has had an effect on your customers. Tell stories about what your customers do.

Benno Pieters: “The Social Media are the perfect platforms to get your message out and make fast building of your Mindful Brand possible. But the type of communication is slightly different than in real life. You should see the Social media as a radio station. Many people listen and only one or two dial in. But they do listen. I always realise that when I meet somebody and they refer to something I had posted.”

“Your message has to be divided up into short postings. Your customer stories need to be posted in short versions and a long version. You can additionally make Youtube videos to get your message out more strongly. What this does is accelerate the creation of your Mindful Brand and strong reputation.”

Benno Pieters is co-author of the bestseller book ‘On becoming a Brand!’ and is must read for entrepreneurs who want to do business in Europe. He has trained more than 2000 people in Social Media Branding and he coaches existing entrepreneurs in how to grow their small businesses.

Since a few years he is also active in Affiliate Marketing and after testing a a number of systems Benno recommends the 4pct challenge. It is the most complete and sophisticated program yet to date. In fact, anyone wanting to be an internet entrepreneur should be following this program. It is not just a training, the 4pct challenge is learning how to build an online eco-system that earns you money!

Automation of your branding messages using Hootsuite

An important technical component of Mindful Branding communication is automating your message delivery. There is a tool called that is excellent at this. You can plan posting your messages up to a year in advance. Whilst monthly planning is recommended, some standard communication can be planned a year ahead. What this means is that you always can put yourself in front of your prospects even when you don’t have the time or are on a vacation! It saves so much time and stress!

You can still add the spontaneous postings of experiences you meet every day on top of that. It makes your Social Media Pattern rich and attractive.

Benno Pieters discovered this method and made it part of the Branding Social Media Pattern. It has become the standard practice in online branding.

The combination of Hootsuite planning, consistent resonating messages across the social media, turns you into a Brand within months.

``When you concentrate your energy on Online Branding you will build you list, establish a relationship and make it easy to sell to your followers``