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Benno Pieters is the founder of the Basic Income Online movement – which has the intention to help people to to turn themselves into online marketers and entrepreneurs! He is also the the creator of GO! 120 Power Branding program – Europe’s most powerful step-by-step business-engineering growth program. It all starts with becoming a Brand using the Social Media and a Website. Having a Laptop and a smartphone enables you to start earning Basic Income Online, and being a Brand causes people to take notice of you.

Affiliate Entrepreneurship is the fastest way to earn your Basic Income Online. Benno believes in ‘Practice what you preach’ and thereby researches which training programs perform the best.  For online Affiliate entrepreneurship, he is himself a Four Percent Challenge Promotional Partner and recommends this program very strongly, to all those who want to be a worldwide operating affiliate entrepreneur.

Starting in 2009 with Online Branding, Benno was able to raise himself from the economic and financial crisis to success as an online entrepreneur and Power Branding coach, becoming #1 Social Media Power Branding producer and Business Builder in his space.

He’s a entrepreneur, business strategist, online branding expert, and author of the books ‘On Becoming a Brand (in Europe)’ and ‘Business ReEngineering’.

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To help entrepreneurial people create their Brand, achieve their Basic Income Online and create their next level 'comfort zone'.

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